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Human-to-human (H2H) marketing insights, semi-regularly.

Blog posts related to: “H2H (Human-to-Human) Marketing”

Adobe Acquires Figma—Designers React!

Last Thursday, Adobe announced its decision to acquire Figma for $20 billion. Here’s what designers around us had to say about it.

Digital Marketing

0 min read

Web 3.0: How the Decentralized Web will Impact Digital & Content Marketing

The marketing world is standing on the edge of a new era, defined by transparency, decentralization, and public ownership. Is your business ready for Web3? Let’s find out.

Content Marketing

8 min read

Content Maintenance: How to Keep Your Old Blog Posts Evergreen

Content maintenance is usually low on the priority list, but without it, your content marketing strategy is incomplete. Find out how to ace this part of the content cycle, which is just as important as creating quality content.

Branding & Design

7 min read

The Beginner’s Guide to H2H Marketing For Growth

H2H (Human to Human) marketing: what is it? How do you go about it? Most importantly, why should you care? Here’s a detailed guide to get you started on one of the biggest shifts in the marketing ecosystem.

Branding & Design

7 min read

Sonic Branding: Why Your H2H Content Strategy Should Include Audio Blogging

Using audio alongside text in your blogs can make your content more accessible, effective, and human. Here’s how to make the most of sonic branding for your H2H content strategy.

Content Marketing

5 min read