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Performance Marketing

Data-led campaigns that drive conversions

Build a Flywheel for Growth

Like a fine red wine with camembert cheese, we pair outstanding content with audience insights to achieve sustainable cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale. We reach your ideal customers in the places they hang out online with messaging they can relate to. This pairing is best served as a side dish to our content marketing services.

In-Depth Research and Analysis

We’ll dive into who your audience is, what they care about, and what makes them tick. We dig deep to find out which platforms and content types they prefer — this then informs our choice of channels and ad content.

Conversion Tracking

We make sure all of your performance marketing channels are set up to track the data you truly care about — without you having to lift a finger. We’ll set up tracking across all channels so you can trust the results you see.

Ad Creatives

Our dedicated team of professional copywriters and designers will wave their magic wands over your brand, crafting tailored messages and eye-catching visuals that tell a compelling story and drive engagement, clicks, conversions, and brand loyalty.


We drive results — and show you how we’re doing it. We always build a custom dashboard that allows you to monitor campaign performance in real time. At our regular check-in meetings, we’ll present key insights and learnings for you to apply across the rest of your marketing activity.

Real-Time Optimization

The work doesn’t stop once your ads are live—we monitor the analytics daily, checking metrics such as impressions and clicks to see what’s working well and double down on it. Through our real-time optimization processes, we make sure your ads get in front of as many of the right eyes as possible.

360° Solution

Our performance marketing campaigns integrate with your website and content marketing strategy. It’s more than just paid ads — we understand where performance marketing sits within your broader strategy.

The Process

Phase 1

Audit & Immersion

Diving deep into what makes your audience tick.

Our partnership starts with in-depth research, digging into your audience to find out where they hang out online and what content they like. We’ll also audit your past campaigns to see what’s worked and what hasn’t, and set up conversion tracking in GA4, Meta, and Google Ads.

What's Included

  • Stakeholder interviews and workshops
  • Market analysis
  • Audience research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Tracking and data dashboard setup
  • Tracking and data dashboard setup
Phase 2

Performance Marketing Strategy

Your roadmap to success.

Your ambitious goals need a worthy plan to get you there. We’ll set growth goals, KPIs, budgets, and benchmarks and identify the right channels for the campaign. Based on our research, we’ll devise a strategy and show you exactly how much we think it will move the needle.

What's Included

  • Campaign goal setting
  • Establishing KPIs
  • Budget and benchmark setting
  • Content strategy
Phase 3

Campaign Build

A watertight setup so you can succeed.

Next, we’ll unleash the Literal Humans creative team to bring it all to life. Our writers will craft compelling copy that converts while our designers whip up engaging visuals that stop the scroll. We’ll build it all into the agreed platforms and press “Run.”

What's Included

  • Copywriting
  • Ad creatives
  • Campaign builds
Phase 4


Meaningful metrics for strategic decision-making.

We don’t just set your ads to run and call it a day. We monitor campaigns daily and tweak them for maximum performance, doubling down on everything that’s giving good ROAS (return on ad spend) to drive even more results.

What's Included

  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • Custom data dashboards
  • A/B testing
  • Ad creative optimization
Phase 5

Analytics & Reporting

The proof is in the pudding.

Our campaigns work, and we’ll prove it with monthly reports and real-time insights into what’s working and why so that you can roll it out across your wider marketing channels and add it to your evergreen playbook.

What's Included

  • Monthly reporting
  • Bi-weekly check-in meeting
  • Weekly updates and insights

A Growth Engine that Runs While You Sleep

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes—we design, execute, monitor, and update your campaign from start to finish.

You can expect to see a lift in impressions and clicks within the first month.

Our fee structure depends on the required results.

We have a baseline for what it costs to run a campaign and can discuss options for incentivization.