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PR that’s not just about getting published—it’s about getting published where it matters. We’ll get you the coverage you need to build your brand’s reputation and awareness, serving up more fresh content than a Naples pizzeria. And just like pizza, it will have your audience coming back for more.


There are the big-name industry publications you want to get published in, but there are always tons more to discover—we’ll get you coverage in both. We’ll also dig into your target audience to uncover the publications they read so you can be seen in all the right places.

Irresistible Pitches

Literal Humans was founded by two former journalists, and we have many more on the team. Who better to put together irresistible pitches that will have editors biting harder than a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos? We understand the anatomy of a great pitch that will get noticed by editors.

Storytelling & Relationship Building

Our team of professional writers are expert storytellers who know how to craft narratives that go viral and that journalists are overjoyed to publish. But we don’t just get you published—we build relationships with journalists and editors on your behalf so you can touch base whenever you have a new story.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As SEO nerds, we know that landing press coverage is only one piece of the puzzle. We’ll carry out keyword research and target the queries your audience is asking to boost visibility on search engines like Google. This strategic approach ensures your story not only gets told, but is also found by those who matter.

Wildcard Tactics

Getting published in a big, fancy publication is great—but it might not be the most relevant channel. We understand all the elements of earned media and the different levers to pull—we’ll get your brand into publications, but if building a relationship between you and the mods of an obscure Subreddit will drive better results, we’ll do that, too.

360° Solution

We understand where PR sits in your funnel and how it boosts your domain and topical authority, as well as brand awareness. As a holistic 360° marketing agency, we’ll combine PR with other strategies like paid ads and organic social media so you can get the maximum exposure possible.

The Process

Phase 1

List Building

We set you up for success with the most relevant publications.

We kick off by carrying out in-depth research into the outlets you care about, and map out the publications your audience reads through stakeholder interviews.

Based on our research, we’ll then start compiling your Earned Media Bible—a bespoke list of publications tailored to your business. 

We don’t just look at the biggest, shiniest publications—we unearth the hidden gems that are most relevant to your niche and will drive the best audience engagement.

What's Included

  • Publication research
  • Audience research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Earned Media Bible
Phase 2

Earned Media Strategy

We find fresh new angles on the topics publishers care about.

We don’t believe in spammy mass outreach! Instead, we’ll design a custom strategy for each outlet, journalist, and editor in your Earned Media Bible.

We know what busy editors are looking for, and we analyze the content they’ve published previously to understand the topics that matter to them. 

Armed with this info, we harness your brand story to create an irresistible content calendar packed full of ideas that journalists and editors are thrilled to publish.

What's Included

  • Targeting strategy
  • Publication-specific strategies
  • Conceptualization
  • Content calendar
Phase 3

Content Creation

Crafting compelling stories that make editors pay attention.

When you hire us, you get our full writing team of storytellers, journalists, and content marketers who are experts at crafting coverage for clients in the dream publications that they themselves read.

We don’t just spin compelling yarns—we know how to finesse press releases and pitches to get journalists and editors excited to hit “Publish.”

What's Included

  • Pitches
  • Press releases
  • Articles
Phase 4


We don’t post and ghost. We spread the word far and wide.

Congratulations, your post got published—it’s time to shout it from the rooftops! 

We handle every step of the follow up process across multiple channels, including email, organic social media, and paid ads (budget permitting) to get your published story maximum exposure.

What's Included

  • Outreach
  • Follow-up
  • Social media
Phase 5

Analytics & Relationship Building

Scalable PR that just works.

Once your first article is published, we’ll track and analyze the impact each piece of coverage has on your website traffic and conversions so we can focus our efforts on doing more of what works. 

We’ll also continue to nurture long-term relationships with the publishers, journalists, and editors who feature you, and hand over a little black book of all your journalist contacts—empowering you to leverage them in future across wider marketing activity.

What's Included

  • Data reporting and analytics
  • Custom data dashboard
  • Ongoing relationship nurturing
  • List of warm contacts

Your One-Year PR Journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes—we handle everything from conceptualization, design, copy, delivery, and analytics.

Yes, we adapt to all niches.

Yes, even if we stop working together, we’ll hand over the little black book with all your warm journalist relationships.