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The Evolution of Fintech Marketing [Infographic]

What you'll learn:

The past, present, and future of fintech marketing—one of the most exciting niches in the world of digital marketing today.

In 2022, fintech companies represented 26.7 percent of all new unicorns, which tells us two things:

  1. The fintech sector is still one of the fastest growing.
  2. There’s more competition out there than ever before.

While it’s still possible to break into the fintech space, the number of companies reaching unicorn status has slowed in the face of global economic uncertainty.

To make your brand stand out and achieve sustainable growth, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy that resonates with customers and aligns with industry trends.

Of course, it helps to know where we’ve already been — and it’s always a good idea to learn from successful fintechs and the marketing strategies that worked for them. 

The way fintechs market to customers has come a long way — from print ads for ATMs to AI-powered digital marketing. 

This infographic highlights the evolution of fintech marketing over the last five decades — and predicts what the future has in store.