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Your One-Stop Shop For Growth

Juggling blogs, branding, email, social media, and website updates is hard. Hiring a team of content strategy experts (that you don’t have to manage day-to-day) is easy. Think of us as your marketing and sales “chop shop.” Give us the raw materials and we’ll build a strategy and execute it alongside your team. Best of all, we’ll get results. That’s why you partner with us.

Content Marketing and SEO Illustration

Content Marketing & SEO

  • Comprehensive Brand Audit (Web, Social, Competitive)
  • Long-Form Evergreen Blog Content
  • Ebooks & Infographics
  • Guest Posts
  • Digital PR
  • Thought Leadership
  • Lead Gen Content
  • Editorial Strategy & Management
Creative and Branding Illustration

Creative & Branding

  • Visual Rebrand
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing Assets Design
  • Print Design
  • Infographics
Website Development Illustration

Website Development

  • Website Audit
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Front-end & Back-end Build
Social Media and Email Marketing Illustration

Social Media & Email Marketing

  • Integrated Paid Social & Organic Promotion Campaigns
  • Custom Social Media Copy & Creatives
  • Facebook Business Manager Setup & Execution
  • Social Posts for Long-Form Content
  • Strategic Advice & Execution for Paid Social Spend
  • Google Grants Strategy & Execution (for Nonprofits)
VC Strategy Illustration

VC Content Strategy

  • SEO-Optimized Editorial Calendar
  • VC Thought Leadership Blog Content
  • Custom Showcase Design Template
  • Organic Promotion for VC Blog Content
LinkedIn Lead Generation Illustration

LinkedIn Lead Generation

  • Dedicated Sales Enablement Specialist
  • Hundreds of New Leads Monthly
  • Sales Calls Booked Into Your Calendar

Our Process: Literal Launch (in 3 Steps)

Step One

Book a Personalized Strategy Session

(30 Mins)

Some agencies call this a “discovery call.” Often it’s with a salesperson and maybe a lower-level content strategist. They ask you a bunch of invasive questions and it’s a pretty one-sided conversation. You walk away feeling like you shared a lot and didn’t get much in return.

We do things quite differently.

The Literal Humans Difference:

In our case, you get a dedicated 30 mins with our co-founders (Paul and Will), two seasoned digital marketing pros. You’ll walk away with actionable, valuable insights about how to grow your company (and ideally, a partner to make it happen).

  • We study your company beforehand
  • We prep personalized questions in advance 
  • We offer strategic and tactical advice on how to move your growth strategy forward (with or without us)

Whether we end up working together or not, we’re happy to help and to see you grow!

Schedule a Strategy Session

Step Two

Review Our Custom Proposal

(1 Hour)

After a quick call, many agencies will send you a somewhat generic proposal that’s essentially a copy/paste job not terribly different from what they sent another company five minutes prior. They hit “find/replace” and add your company’s name. What you get looks tailored, but it doesn’t offer real value.

We take a different approach.

The Literal Humans Difference:

After the strategy session, we’ll build a customized initial growth strategy that’s right-sized for your organization. We’ll strive to answer some of the thorny growth questions you’re tackling through our pitch.

  • We include background research on SEO and your competitive landscape
  • We offer various pricing options to suit your budget (no “one-size fits all” pricing)
  • We share a window into how we’d partner with you for growth (AND how you can start down a DIY path most effectively)

Again, our goal here is to provide you with value at every stage.

Step Three

Kick Off the Partnership

Once contracts are signed, most agencies hand you off to a junior account manager and you’re often missing the full scope of the strategy. You give them access to vital company information and the communication is spotty at best.

We don’t do you like that. We deeply and thoughtfully integrate our team with yours.

The Literal Humans Difference:

We run an internal kickoff call with our team (so you don’t have to bring everyone up-to-speed) and a launch call with your team (for goal and process alignment). As we launch, we align budgets, gain access to key assets, and set up communication channels.

  • We offer alignment and transparency around targets and reporting
  • We build on robust foundational research (customer personas, value propositions, etc.)
  • We analyze customer journeys to identify obstacles and lift up organic opportunities

As we get started, we’ll get hyper-specific about which channels and tactics we’re testing first. With us, you’re a part of the conversation every step of the way.