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We are Literal Humans.

Our team, a super-diverse blend of seasoned professionals and innovative minds, excels at merging expertise with fresh ideas to create unique digital marketing solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Beyond our close-knit full-time crew, we also collaborate with specialist consultants to ensure unmatched, customized strategies for every project. And because we’re human (literally!), we believe in four-day workweeks, flexible hours, transparent salaries, and, most importantly, delivering innovative marketing with a fun and genuine human touch.

Our Team

Alex Applegate

Executive Assistant

Alex Applegate

Alex has a strong background in admin and all things organisation. When she’s not nerding out over spreadsheets you’ll find her working hard in the gym or taking long walks in the Oxfordshire countryside with her two Boston Terriers McCoy and Maggie. She also has a huge passion for travelling and exploring new places so where possible you’ll always catch her on the beach or up a mountain! 

Carl MacDonald

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Carl MacDonald

  • Senior Content Marketing Manager
  • Scunthorpe
  • LinkedIn

Carl is a content marketer with more than a decade’s experience in content and SEO, working with B2C and B2B brands around the globe. His role is to define the content marketing strategy for our clients, and act as the point person for content operations. Outside of work, he spends his free time watching football as an avid supporter of Scunthorpe United and England. He also writes a blog about his experience of being a father to premature twins.


Carl’s Top Moments at LH

1. Landing PR coverage for a client in my first week at Literal Humans.
2. Being part of an award-winning SEO and Content Marketing campaign.
3. Being commissioned to write for The Huffington Post.

Cey Flores

Freelance Designer

Cey Flores

Cey is a multimedia designer with a keen eye for creating visually striking and engaging content, specializing in social media and marketing design. She’s currently venturing into the world of UI/UX design, infusing even more creativity into her skill set. When not immersed in her digital world, she can be found perfecting her coffee skills at her home brew bar, shooting content, or outdoors closing all her rings.


Cey’s Top Moments at LH

1. TCSU 2023 new artwork presentation design.

2. Remofirst: Infographic for ‘The Best Countries for Digital Nomads (2023)’.

3. Working on Pepper/MDC which was really helpful since I’m doing UI/UX master’s.

Danielle Clarke

Brand Strategy Consultant

Danielle Clarke

  • Brand Strategy Consultant
  • Derby, England
  • LinkedIn

Danielle, is a visionary brand strategist obsessed with bridging the gap between business, strategic thinking, and creativity (thanks Marty ;). She seeks to inspire positive change and improve the way people perceive, engage, and interact with the world around them. Her entrepreneurial journey began at 8 when she convinced her teachers to green-light her venture of starting and selling a school magazine.

Since those formative years, Danielle has honed her skills in facilitation, strategy, public speaking, teaching and collaboration. She’s produced work for some notable clients including ŠKODA, GirlvsCancer, UK Biocentre, Coldr, to name a few.

Danielle spends her spare time playing field hockey, braving the wild British weather for forest walks, hosting her podcast, and indulging in Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate.

Dozie Anyaegbunam

Freelance Content Writer

Dozie Anyaegbunam

  • Freelance Content Writer
  • Calgary
  • LinkedIn

Dozie is the co-founder of Not Enough Writers, a community of African content writers/marketers. He’s a social strategist, content writer, and has crafted compelling content for both B2B and B2C brands.

Gwyneth Coetzee

Executive Assistant

Gwyneth Coetzee

  • Executive Assistant
  • Cape Town
  • LinkedIn

Gwen is the project wizard behind the scenes, juggling strategy, management and more. When she’s not orchestrating projects, you’ll find her trekking Cape Town’s mountains or beach-combing with her furry co-pilot, Biscuit, the ultimate adventure buddy (She’s a cocker spaniel and golden retriever mix with boundless energy). Camping and nurturing the garden are her therapy sessions, while cooking up a storm for loved ones is her jam. She can also strum a tune or two on the guitar!

Harry Court

Growth Strategist

Harry Court

Harry supports teams in building relationships with ideal clients by creating outreach systems that generate new sales opportunities on autopilot. When not working on lead generation campaigns, he can usually be found writing songs and books, or at the local pub singing and playing guitar in bands!

Mauricio Serna

Brand Strategist

Mauricio Serna

Mauricio Serna Murias is the Co-Founder of Normal Null. He previously worked at Braya Agency as a Creative Director. Mauricio Serna Murias attended Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Melany Carter-Groves

Head of Operations & Strategy

Melany Carter-Groves

  • Head of Operations & Strategy
  • Northampton
  • LinkedIn

Melany brings a long history of a strong femme driving successful delivery within tech consultancies and agencies. As the first Project Manager for a growing AWS startup, she implemented processes and structure that underpinned the scaling of that business. She continued to apply her own combination of values, empathy and practical processes to drive successful Client Delivery and impactful People Operations. She is also a multifaceted artist – contemporary dance, singing, and voice acting being her favorite pastimes.


Melany’s Top Moments at LH

1. Working with and helping to empower other femmes in tech leadership positions.
2. Being part of such a diverse and creative team.

Nathan Smith

Lead UI & Digital Designer

Nathan Smith

  • Lead UI & Digital Designer
  • London
  • LinkedIn

Nathan is the Lead Digital & UX Designer, his role involves overseeing Website and Design client projects, engaging with a diverse range of businesses with unique web and design needs. His responsibilities encompass project management for tasks like comprehensive consumer website redesigns, updating conversion landing pages, and crafting specific UI components. Additionally, he leads the Design team, serving as both a project manager and supervisor for two designers. He is a cross-platform designer with over 11 years of experience. With strong background in graphic design, digital media, web design, UI & UX design, and event management.


Nate’s To Moments at LH

1. Launching Breathe For Change

2. Creating an amazing Website Design for Hospital Rooms

3. Having such a collaborative team.

Naume Guveya

Content Strategist and Senior Writer

Naume Guveya

  • Content Strategist and Senior Writer
  • Harare
  • LinkedIn

Naume is a dynamic content strategist and writer dedicated to driving remarkable growth for both B2B and B2C brands. With a strong focus on SEO and UX, she’s a passionate advocate for helping brands not only thrive but do so sustainably. Her expertise lies in crafting content marketing strategies that are as unique as the brands she partners with, ensuring that each element is a stepping stone on the path to success. When she’s not busy crafting content, you might find Naume engrossed in a book or honing her culinary skills.


Naume’s Top Moments at LH

1. Playing a key role in shaping MDC’s guest posting strategy, which put the brand in front of over 640,000 readers.
2. Leading the content strategy for the LeLeArtLabs website consultation project.
3. Creating the MDC and Oyster case studies, following strategic input and content creation for both projects.

Nina Pang

Freelance Developer

Nina Pang

  • Freelance Developer
  • Amsterdam
  • LinkedIn

Nina leads Junction43, a partner web development studio of Literal Humans. After 5+ years of working at digital agencies, she now helps brands navigate the process of building and launching impactful websites. She works through the lens of marketing strategy and ops, allowing her to understand how a website interacts with marketing tools and analytics towards a business’ goals.

Olivia Messer

Senior Graphic Designer

Olivia Messer

Olivia has a very strong creative flare and has been a graphic designer for 6 years, working on a wide range of projects, from print to typography to webpage designs and UX. She loves all things colourful and has always felt a strong passion for art. Outside of the art world Olivia enjoys anything horror related, whether that be books, films, tv or podcasts. She also enjoys travelling to new countries, spending time with family & friends, and most importantly, the family dog.


Olivia’s Top Moments at LH

1. LH branding uplift.
2. LeLeArtLabs website consultation project.
3. Grapeseed branding evolution.

Paul David “PDP”

Co-Founder & CEO

Paul David “PDP”

Paul co-launched Literal Humans in 2020 after a successful stint at a previous US-based agency that he helped grow to $1.5M ARR. He wanted to focus on delivering high-quality growth strategies to tech for good startups, nonprofits, and B2B SaaS companies. Paul is a former freelance writer and content strategist. He also worked in education and nonprofits in the US for a decade prior to jumping into marketing.


Paul’s Top Moments at LH

1. Team retreat in London (June 2023).
2. Landing our first client in 2020.
3. Seeing how big the team has grown at any given moment.



Victoria Peel Yates

Senior Writer

Victoria Peel Yates

Victoria is a Smart Blogger-certified SEO content writer and strategist with 5+ years’ experience based in Barcelona, Spain. She holds an MSc in Development Economics, speaks 4 languages, and is a trained yoga teacher and health coach. As a versatile copy and content writer, Victoria crafts a wide range of digital content, including blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, social media posts, web copy, and landing pages.When she’s not tapping away at her keyboard, you can find her dancing, spending time in nature, crafting, and singing (badly) to her bilingual cat, Gorgonzola.


Victoria’s Top Moments at LH

1. Taking a lead role in revamping the LH newsletters and podcast outlines.

2. Creating thoroughly-researched, science-backed content for the Oura blog.

3. Getting together with the whole team in London in 2023.

William Gadsby Peet

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

William Gadsby Peet

  • Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
  • London
  • LinkedIn

Will co-founded Literal Humans in 2020 after nearly a decade working as a digital marketing consultant and fractional CMO. He has helped launch dozens of brands and products into an array of different markets, and is an expert in performance marketing and growth strategy. Before getting into marketing, Will was a journalist.


Will’s Top Moments at LH

1. Helping Playbook 10x its users over two years.
2. Driving more than $200k in revenue for Oura.
3. Launching a new website for Pepper in under 6 weeks.

Where We Bring Our Experience From

Our Culture

At Literal Humans, we thrive on diversity and flexibility. We champion a four-day workweek in our fully distributed, remote-first environment, punctuated by fun retreats for in-person bonding. We’re dedicated to delivering top-notch work while ensuring our team and clients always have a blast!

Four-day workweek at 100% salary

Flexible hours

Work how and where you want

Transparent salaries

Laptop budget is on us

Access to upskilling resources

Extra paid Christmas leave

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Our Values

When bravery flourishes, people can shine in their authenticity and do their best work. We create a space that celebrates individuality and nurtures excellence.

Trust is the foundation of every great relationship. We are committed to showing up for each other and our clients, always with understanding and empathy.

When we belong, we thrive. Every day, we weave inclusivity into our culture, ensuring everyone feels valued and knows they have a seat at the table.

‘Each one, teach one,’ as the saying goes. Sharing knowledge and upskilling our clients is in our DNA — it drives us to grow and excel together.

A smile, a laugh, a creative spark with colleagues. We nurture these moments in our work because they make all the difference.

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