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The Four-Day Work Week with Phil McParlane from

What you'll learn:

In this episode, we talk to Phil McParlane, founder and CEO of about the four-day work week — benefits, challenges, ways to adapt to the phenomenon, and most of all, why it's here to stay.

In this episode, Phil McParlane, founder and CEO of, shares his insightful take on the four-day work week and why it’s a far more valuable practice than people give it credit for.

“If you worked five hours in a row, the fifth hour would definitely be less productive than the first,” he explains. “It’s the same logic with the traditional work week; stuff just doesn’t get done on Fridays.”

As a pioneer of the four-day work week movement, Phil has changed the lives of thousands of employees, encouraging more than 100 companies worldwide to confront the evidence in support of the four-day week and realize the positive impact that this shift can have.

Given that 99% of companies which have started the four-day week have stuck with it, Phil is not surprised at all that more people are embracing it as standard practice (including Literal Humans! Read about our four-day week journey here).

Even so, we struggle to wrap our heads around the mind-blowing success that the four-day week has had as a job benefit (Phil had to turn off job listings due to the sheer number of applications he received!)

We also go over the challenges of a four-day week, possible limitations to making this practice global, and finally, Phil McParlane’s idea of one of the evillest uses of technology — see if it rings a bell?

Most people want a four-day work week, but most companies currently don’t offer it. That’s the standard that Phil is trying to change — and he intends to change it forever.

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