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Season 3, Episode 47

The Future of Climate Tech with Anastasia Pavlovic, CEO of Eion

Featuring Anastasia Pavlovic, CEO of Eion

In this week’s episode of Tech Can’t Save Us, host Paul David is joined by Anastasia Pavlovic—CEO of climate tech company, Eion.

After completing her studies in electrical engineering and biosystems, Anastasia started a career in agriculture and climate, becoming a woman in STEM. Since stepping into the role as CEO, Eion has been named one of TIME’s top Greentech businesses in 2024.

Eion uses Olivine—a silicate rock—to replace the lime farmers usually use. This rock balances soil pH while removing CO2 from the atmosphere in the agricultural heartlands of the USA.

As well as this, Anastasia touches upon her experiences as a woman in STEM, as well as how she juggles being a new mother with her demanding role as CEO in a male-dominated industry. Tune in now to find out more!