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Season 3, Episode 48

Tech for Worker Empowerment with Nat Whalley, Co-Founder & CEO of Organise

Featuring Nat Whalley, Co-Founder & CEO of Organise

On this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us, host Paul David welcomes Nat Whalley, co-founder and CEO of Organise, a startup that empowers workers to shape the future of work in the UK and US.

Before founding Organise, Nat worked for grassroots organisations like 38 Degrees and Avaaz and led digital strategies at Save the Children. In March 2024, she was named one of the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise.

In this illuminating conversation, Nat discusses the role of technology in promoting pro-worker outcomes in the gig economy and the importance of worker input in developing and deploying AI algorithms.

Paul and Nat also discuss the challenges of addressing workplace harassment and bullying, and the role of anonymous reporting tools in enabling workers to speak out without fear of retribution. 

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