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Season 2, Episode 23

Supercharging Digital Product Teams Using Emotional Intelligence with Trenton Moss from Team Sterka

Featuring Trenton Moss, founder and lead coach of Team Sterka

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Trenton Moss, founder and lead coach of Team Sterka and the author of the bestselling book Human Powered, where he shares his focus on supercharging digital product teams with emotional intelligence.

Trenton describes how embedding emotional intelligence into your teams will “increase everyone’s well-being, it will improve individual performance, it will improve team performance, and it will improve business outcomes.”

His work at Team Sterka helps transform how people work in teams, alleviates toxic work environments rife with grievances and petty disputes, and builds healthy mindsets that foster productive company cultures.

We discuss the challenges of building a culture of emotional intelligence within teams, such as “people in positions of leadership struggling to move towards a more kind of empowering leadership style.”

As a leadership coach, Trenton understands the detrimental effect a leader’s stubborn and outdated attitude can have on their employees and, in turn, their company. He mentions that 85% of job success comes from people skills, an essential skill set for a company to thrive.

Listen on to find out Trenton’s big prediction for the tech for good space and what he thinks is the evilest application of tech.