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Season 3, Episode 46

Revolutionizing Digital Fundraising with Zaynab Tariq, Co-Founder & COO of CerealBox

Featuring Zaynab Tariq, Co-Founder & COO of CerealBox

In this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us, host Paul David welcomes Zaynab Tariq, Co-Founder & COO of CerealBox to the show. 

After working in the nonprofit sector, Zaynab realised that the sector was lagging well behind in terms of tech adoption—and set out on a mission to change it.

CerealBox combines growth hacking strategies from marketing with research from the third sector to help charities raise more funds—over £40 million so far. 

In this enlightening discussion, Zaynab and Paul discuss CerealBox’s rapid growth and innovative approach, including the agency’s unique marketing strategies and impact on branding opportunities.

You’ll also hear about the challenges faced by the nonprofit sector in adopting new technologies for digital fundraising, and how CerealBox is revolutionizing charitable giving. Tune in now!