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Season 2, Episode 21

Reinventing Payroll Giving with Richard Packman from GoodPAYE

Featuring Richard Packman, Managing Director at GoodPAYE

This week, we welcome Richard Packman, Managing Director at GoodPAYE, who shares his perspective on changing technology into an enabler and force for good.

On this week’s episode, Richard Packman, Managing Director at GoodPAYE, shares his perspective on adapting and changing the way technology is used so that it’s an enabler and a force for good.

“I think to really create significant change, you’ve got to change behaviour,” he explains, as we discuss how to bring about change using tech for good, “and to change behaviour, you’ve got to adjust the way marketing is done traditionally.”

GoodPAYE is a 100% charity-owned tech-for-good business working to revolutionise payroll. Richards’s work uses tech to create an impact with their newly developed technology, enabling millions of employees to change the world while they work.

We chat about the latest charity trends on digital, where Richard believes that digital fundraising is the way forward. He brings up an interesting outlook on how charities need to look at fundraising as a two-way relationship, sharing the impact of their change with their audience.

As an entrepreneur and startup founder, Richard understands how the process is not as glamorous as it seems. But what has driven him as an entrepreneur is his superpower to “spot an opportunity that needs to be fixed or that can be realized in a better way.”

Our conversation leads us to discover Richard’s big prediction about the tech-for-good space this year and what he thinks is one problem tech can’t solve.

To find out more about how GoodPAYE is reinventing the payroll system: