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Season 2, Episode 17

Redefining HR Using Tech with Jack Mardack from Oyster

Featuring Jack Mardack, Co-Founder of Oyster

This week, we discuss the changing role of Human Resources in a remote world with Jack Mardack, Co-Founder of Oyster, a platform that helps companies take care of employees from anywhere in the world.

In this week’s episode, we talk to Jack Mardack, Co-Founder of Oyster, about the most exciting new chapter in the world of work and the crucial role he plays in building bridges between companies and the world’s top talent.

There has been “a legacy of imbalance of power as a basic construct of employment for a very long time,” Jack explains. “That tone needs to be ripped out and replaced by something that is infinitely more human, infinitely more transparent.”

Oyster is an HR platform for globally distributed companies, helping companies hire, pay, and take care of their employees anywhere from the world. The company is redefining the term HR, choosing to call it “The Workplace Team.”

Jack’s work at Oyster is motivated by a vision of the world in which no talent is wasted because of location—reimagining the centuries-old HR structure to create an equal world of work. To him, it’s important to “give visibility to a standard of employment that should be equally available to people around the world.”

Amidst an economic downturn, we discuss how HR can help companies navigate turbulent waters and build that trust between employers and employees. A crucial part of that process involves HR employees rising to the challenge of remote work and becoming a force for human centricity within the company.

As we enter the lightning round, we find out what Jack thinks is the evilest application of tech and how he balances profit and purpose within his career.

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