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Season 3, Episode 45

Home Energy Efficiency with Robin Peters, Co-Founder & CEO of Snugg

Featuring Robin Peters, Co-Founder & CEO of Snugg

In this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us, host Paul David is joined by Robin Peters, co-founder and CEO of Snugg, a fintech that focuses on home energy efficiency. 

Robin is an engineer and entrepreneur who has led and founded several businesses, including deadlyne, which helps businesses meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  Before that, he worked at Aviva, Ernst & Young, and Scottish Widows, among others. 

Snugg is developing a platform to help homeowners identify, finance and implement energy efficiency improvements to their homes. 

In today’s episode, Robin provides technical insights, highlighting the problem of inadequate insulation and the need for sustainable solutions. Paul and Robin discuss the challenges of retrofitting, including high costs and the need for personalization and education. They also explore strategies for decarbonizing homes, including carbon credits and industrial-scale solutions.