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Season 2, Episode 13

Empowering Women Through Tech with Olivia DeRamus from Communia

Featuring Olivia DeRamus, award-winning Founder and CEO of Communia

Olivia DeRamus, award-winning Founder and CEO of Communia, talks to us about connecting, informing, and uplifting women and marginalised genders through tech.

In this week’s episode, Olivia DeRamus, award-winning founder and CEO of Communia, shares her mission of re-imagining tech in its best possible form to connect, inform, and uplift women and marginalised genders.

Olivia describes her goal as an attempt to “revolutionise and rethink how women connect with others and themselves” and talks about how tech can “improve women’s lives in a way that has never been done before.”

Olivia has faced the challenges women face online and in real life first-hand. Based on those experiences, she designed Communia, a globally-facing social networking app and self-development platform for women—a shining example of next-generation tech built on the female gaze. She works to prioritise social safety within her company and challenges the tech industry as a whole, reminding it of its responsibility to ensure that the digital ecosystem offers everyone equal opportunity to succeed.

Her efforts at addressing the fundamental obstacles women face in all aspects of their lives (particularly the digital sphere) have transformed how women use technology to communicate. The entrepreneur is determined to empower women through an uplifting safe space, away from the male eye.

With a background in the nonprofit industry, Olivia hopes that private companies realise their undeniable role in catalysing positive social change, mainly through innovation at scale. Communia, she explains, represents both a technical innovation and a company that understands its broader social mission.

As the conversation goes on, Olivia talks about her predictions for tech designed for women’s safety and what she considers a game-changing tech product.

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