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Season 3, Episode 44

Building Well-Connected Neighborhoods w/ Tech with Michael Wood-Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of Front Porch Forum

Featuring Michael Wood-Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of Front Porch Forum

In this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us, host Paul David is joined by Michael Wood Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of Front Porch Forum (FPF), an online community-building service in Vermont.  Launched in 2006, FPF aims to connect neighbors through local forums that only local people can access. 

Tune in to hear Paul and Michael discuss the benefits of local online forums like Front Porch Forum in connecting neighbors and building well-connected neighborhoods. Michael shares the history of FPF and its evolution over the years, highlighting the role of technology in local community building. 

There’s also an enlightening discussion about diversity and inclusion, and creating welcoming spaces for neighborhoods to come together both online and in the community. Listen to the episode now.