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Season 3, Episode 41

AI Climate Tech for Industrial Decarbonisation with Dominic Shales, Founder & CEO of Reset Media

Featuring Dominic Shales, Founder & CEO of Reset Media & DUNE Communications

Paul and Will are joined by Dominic Shales, Founder and CEO of Reset Media & DUNE Communications to discuss AI climate tech and industrial decarbonisation.

Dominic Shales is the founder and CEO of not one but two purpose driven companies: Reset Media, a digital publisher, and DUNE Communications, a corporate comms agency. 

He also acts as fractional CMO for Nexus Climate, a business that creates and nurtures climate startups, and Carbon Re, an AI climate tech pioneering industrial decarbonisation.

In this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us, Paul, Will and Dominic dive deep into the topic of industrial decarbonisation, discussing the biggest industrial culprits for greenhouse gas emissions and how lower-carbon alternatives can help to reduce those emissions.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation that profiles the growing power of AI and how this can be harnessed to support industrial decarbonisation – and why Dominic believes that collective responsibility and a sense of hope are key ingredients on that path.