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The top 43 HR tech influencers to help promote your product

What you'll learn:

Looking to broaden your HR Tech product’s reach and visibility? Check out this comprehensive list of HR influencers you could partner with.

Looking for an HR tech influencer who can help you reach new audiences with your product?

You’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve scoured the internet to find the 43 most influential HR tech influencers who can help you get the word out.

These folks have their ear to the ground when it comes to the latest HR tech trends, and many are writers, speakers, and podcasters with significant followings. 

But before we continue, you might be wondering…

Why partner with an HR tech influencer?

Put simply—because it works. 

With more people than ever before turning to social media for reviews and recommendations before committing their hard-earned cash to a product or service, influencer marketing remains a highly effective and relevant strategy.

For starters, 37% of folks find influencer recommendations more trustworthy than a brand’s own marketing efforts, so it can help HR tech firms build that ever-important brand trust. 

Plus, 49% of people find brand-sponsored influencer content more engaging than regular ads, so it can help break the boredom and alleviate the dreaded ad fatigue. 

So, if you’re ready to join the 93% of B2B companies planning to use more influencer marketing this year, let’s jump in. 

The top 40+ HR tech influencers and thought leaders

1. Josh Bersin

LinkedIn: 921,533 followers

X: 64,100 followers

Josh Bersin is an HR and tech analyst, researcher, educator and founder of Bersin Associates, which is now Bersin by Deloitte, and the Josh Bersin Academy, which provides professional development for HR professionals.

2. Meghan M. Biro

LinkedIn: 50,202 followers

X: 90,500 followers

Instagram: 11,100 followers

Meghan M. Biro describes herself as an “HR tech evangelist” and is the founder of TalentCulture, a community for HR professionals, and host of the #WorkTrends podcast. 

3. Steve Boese

LinkedIn: 22,079 followers

X: 47,800 followers

X: @HRHappyHour 27.2K followers

Steve Boese is a co-chair of the HR Technology Conference and co-host of At Work In America (formerly the HR Happy Hour Show), the longest-running and most downloaded podcast about HR and HR tech.

4. William Tincup

LinkedIn: 38,882 followers

X: 210,200 followers

Instagram: 10,100 followers

William Tincup is an HR editor, analyst, advisor, and host of the WRKdefined podcast. 

5. Trish Steed

LinkedIn: 16,589 followers

X: @Trish_Steed 42.8K followers

@HRHappyHour 27.2K followers

Insta: Private, but accepts “real” people in the industry.

Trish Steed (MacFarlane) is the founder of H3 HR Advisors and the other co-host of the At Work In America podcast, along with Steve Boese.

6. Steve Browne

LinkedIn: 41,689 followers

X: 33,000 followers

Instagram: 2,634 followers

Self-described “HR radical” Steve Browne takes pride in doing things differently. He is currently the Chief People Officer at LaRosa’s and author of three books: “HR on Purpose!!”, “HR Rising!!” and “HR Unleashed!!”

7. Tim Sackett

LinkedIn: 27,120 followers

X: 40,800 followers

Tim Sackett is an HR tech analyst, author of “The Talent Fix” Vol 1 & 2, and founder of the Tim Sackett Project, a staffing firm.

8. Jennifer McClure

LinkedIn: 188,524 followers

X: 56,500 followers

Jennifer McClure is a global expert on the future of work and founder and CEO of Unbridled Talent, which provides education, coaching, and strategy consulting services for business leaders.

9. Sharlyn Lauby

LinkedIn: 144,62 followers

X: 34,000 followers

Sharlyn Lauby is president of ITM Group, a management training and HR consulting firm, and author of the HR Bartender blog, which she launched in 2008. 

10. Tom Haak

LinkedIn: 22,423 followers

YouTube: 15,100 followers

Tom Haak is the founder of the HR Trend Institute, which aims to identify, follow, encourage, and set trends in the HR industry.

11. David Green

LinkedIn: 166,989 followers

X: 28,700 followers

David Green is a people analytics leader and speaker and co-author of “Excellence in People Analytics.” He is the Executive Director of Insight222 and hosts the Digital HR Leaders Podcast.

12. John Boudreau

LinkedIn: 19,465 followers

Dr. John Boudreau is a Senior Research Scientist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. He has published more than 50 books and articles on the HR profession.

13. Albert Loyola

LinkedIn: 12,393 followers

Albert Loyola is a human capital advisor to Fortune 500 organizations and partners with C-Suite executives on transformational programs including workforce transformation, future of work and AI. Founder of Ignite AI.

14. Chris Havrilla

X: 12,200 followers

LinkedIn: 9,227

Chris Havrilla is the global leader of Talent Product Strategy for Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management and self-described future of work “whisperer.”

15. Johannes Sundlo

LinkedIn: 19,152 followers

X: 6,570 followers

YouTube: 4,720 subscribers

Johannes Sundlo is a Senior HR Manager at Avalanche Studios Group who writes and speaks about how HR can shape the future of work.

16. Al Adamsen

LinkedIn: 17,670 followers

X: 1,315 followers

Al Adamsen is the Founder & CEO of the People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) Community & Conference Series and SVP of Leader & Workforce Transformation at Perceptyx.

17. Marc Coleman

LinkedIn: 19,703 followers

X: 8,333 followers

Marc Coleman is a future of work expert and the founder and CEO of, an AI-powered HR marketplace. He describes himself as a “futurist” and “global citizen.”

18. Wendy Van Ierschot

LinkedIn: 6,987 followers

Wendy Van Ierschot is the founder and former CEO of VIE People, a Netherlands-based adaptive HR firm for scale-ups. She is also a podcast host, columnist, and bestselling author of “Scale Ups & Downs.”

19. Hung Lee

LinkedIn: 67,488 followers

X: 11,900 followers

Hung Lee is the co-founder and CEO of, a talent marketplace, and curator of Recruiting Brainfood, a weekly newsletter for the talent industry.

20. Mervyn Dinnen

LinkedIn: 8,062 followers

X: 17,100 followers

Mervyn Dinnen is an analyst, author, speaker, podcaster, and co-creator of Talent Watch, a series of sponsored research reports into the talent lifecycle. He is also the author of “Exceptional Talent.”

21. Anita Lettink

LinkedIn: 15,700 followers

X: 5,453 followers

Anita Lettink is a consultant, author, and keynote speaker specializing in the future of work and HR and payroll tech. 

22. Alan Walker

LinkedIn: 37,654 followers

X: 2,340 followers

Alan Walker combines his background as a developer with his experience in HR to innovate at the forefront of HR tech. He is the co-founder of Udder, which helps HR teams undergo digital transformation.

23. Brian Heger

LinkedIn: 66,222

Brian Heger is the Global Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & Talent at Bristol-Myers Squibb and author of the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter, which has over 31,000 subscribers.

24. David Perring

LinkedIn: 5,875

X: 1,704

David Perring is a people experience innovator and Chief Insights Officer at Fosway Group. He has over 30 years of experience in education and talent development.

25. Betsy Summers

LinkedIn: 3,269 followers

Betsy Summers is the Principal Future of Work analyst at Forrester Research. She is passionate about making work more “joyful, fulfilling, equitable, and sustainable.”

26. Erin Spencer

LinkedIn: 2,069

X: 2,927

Erin is a Senior Research Analyst at Deloitte, where she studies HR technology and solution providers. 

27. John Kostoulas

LinkedIn: 6,406 followers

John Kostoulas is VP of Market Positioning & Strategy at Dayforce and has been recognized as one of the top 100 HR tech influencers. He has worked across various industries and built and led multinational teams of up to 100 people. 

28. Helen Poitevin

LinkedIn: 1,862 followers

Helen Poitevin is a future of work expert and Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner specializing in HCM technologies and strategies, including talent analytics, voice of the employee analytics, workforce planning, and AI.

29. Kathi Enderes

LinkedIn: 16,850 followers

Kathi Enderes is Senior Vice President of Research and Global Industry Analyst at The Josh Bersin Company. She is an advisor and keynote speaker specializing in employee experience, people analytics, talent and workforce, talent intelligence, HR tech, and the future of work.

30. Matthew Shannon

LinkedIn: 2,352 followers

Matthew Shannon is an HR technology research leader currently working as the Relationships Lead for Human Capital Ecosystems & Alliances at Deloitte. Matthew runs the Lite Research blog about the future of work.

31. Franz Gilbert

LinkedIn: 14,203 followers

X: 24,000 followers

Franz Gilbert is a managing director at Deloitte Consulting, LLP where he leads Human Capital Ecosystems and Alliances and is on the Human Capital Management Committee. His teams are involved in sensing and scanning the HR Technology market, developing partnerships, and scaling existing alliances to bring innovative solutions to clients.

He is the author of three books: “Global HR: Brazil,” “Global Human Resources: A Primer,” and “A Christian Couple’s Guide to Unemployment.” 

32. Tara Cooper

LinkedIn: 3,025 followers

Tara Cooper is a Work Tech Analyst and Advisor at Mercer. She is also a speaker, transformation enthusiast, and wellness advocate.

33. Pamela Stroko

LinkedIn: 6,175

Pamela Stroko is an HCM leader, practitioner, and thought leader at HCM Insight with over 20 years of experience. She regularly speaks at industry events. 

34. Chris Rainey

LinkedIn: 45,559

Chris Rainey is the co-founder and CEO of HR Leaders and co-host of the HR Leaders podcast. HR Leaders is a digital media platform that focuses on the future of work. 

35. David Wilson

LinkedIn: 12,126

X: 4,925

David Wilson is the founder and CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s biggest HR industry analyst, which studies next-gen HR and learning technologies.

36. Jon Ingham

LinkedIn: 19,042 followers

X: 16,500 followers

Jon Ingham is an award-winning HR trainer, professional speaker, and Director of the Strategic HR Academy. He is the author of two books: “Strategic Human Capital Management” and “The Social Organization.”

37. Lars Schmidt

LinkedIn: 47,263 followers

X: 24,800 followers

Lars Schmidt is a change agent, talent scout, HR community leader, host of the Redefining Work podcast, author of “Redefining HR,” and founder of Amplify Talent, which connects, develops, and empowers the next generation of transformative people leaders.

38. Lisa Rowan

LinkedIn: 1,793 followers

X: 9,971 followers

Lisa Rowan is the Research Vice President of HR software & services research at IDC. She is an HR automation expert who balances maturing and emerging HR technologies in her approach to talent management.

39. Jennifer Payne

LinkedIn: 1,363 followers

X: 10,800 followers

Jennifer Payne is a Senior Advisor at IA and co-founder of She is a blogger and speaker who specializes in HR transformation, project management, and HR tech. 

40. China Gorman

LinkedIn: 5,570 followers

X: 16,800 followers

China Gorman is an HR consultant and speaker who is also a member of the advisory board for SucceedSmart and has a proven track record of operational improvement, business growth, and profit optimization.

41. Stacy Donovan Zapar

LinkedIn: 326,973 followers

X: 35,400 followers

Stacy Donovan Zapar is an HR influencer, keynote speaker, and founder of The Talent Agency, a boutique recruitment agency. She was the technical editor and contributing author for Wiley’s “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day,” is a member of several advisory boards, and has been featured in Washington Post, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review, among others.

42. Michael VanDervort

LinkedIn: 16,384

X: 26,100

Michael (Mike) VanDervort is a communication, media, and events professional at the Labor Relations Institute with 35+ years of experience. He is a speaker, writer, and co-host of the Drive Thru HR podcast. 

43. Jeanne Meister

LinkedIn: 17,488 followers

X: 30,600 followers

Jeanne Meister is an award-winning HR consultant, Forbes and Harvard Business Review contributor, and former founder of Future Workplace, which she sold in 2021, and Corporate University Xchange. 

How to make the most of the partnership

Once you’ve snagged your dream influencer, you’ll need a watertight content strategy to get the maximum benefits from the partnership. Here are four content types to consider including:

1. Co-hosted webinars

Webinars are a great way to connect with your target audience and collect email addresses from market-qualified leads that can then be nurtured through email sequences

Make sure you research your target audience to understand what their needs are and align your content with them to deliver tons of value. 

2. Social media collaborations

When deciding on a social media collaboration strategy, it’s important to focus on the platform where your audience is most likely to spend time and see your content. 

For many HR tech companies, LinkedIn will be the primary channel since your customers are likely to be C-suite decision-makers.

However, it’s still important to carry out research and find out which platforms your audience is spending the most time on so you can concentrate your efforts on one or two platforms and avoid spreading the message too thin. 

3. Guest posting

If you have a blog or newsletter, you can use guest posting to drive more traffic to it and get people hitting “subscribe.”

Your chosen influencer will pen a post for you (or a ghostwriter will collaborate with them on it), then you publish it on your website and have your influencer share it.

Their followers will find your content and share it, harnessing the influencer’s following to organically distribute your post. 

Over time, you may also gain backlinks from other sites, which will help boost your domain authority and search rankings. 

4. Co-authored content

Alternatively, you might explore co-authored content that explicitly highlights the collaboration between you and the influencer.

You can publish co-authored content on any platform—from your own blog or social media platforms to an industry publication.

Need more support marketing your HR Tech product?

If you’re a busy HR tech startup leader or marketing manager, influencer marketing can be a powerful way to spread the word about your product.

But there’s no point doing it unless you do it right. 

Many HR tech leaders find they simply lack the time to create an impactful influencer marketing strategy.

That’s when they turn to digital marketing experts like Literal Humans for support. 

Not only do we know how to run an influencer marketing campaign the right way, but we have a deep understanding of where it fits into your overarching strategy and know how to make it work for your business.