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Future-Proofing Society with Rohit Talwar from Fast Future

What you'll learn:

What better month to talk about the future? This week, Rohit Talwar, Founder and CEO of Fast Future, shares his mission: to harness new ideas and drive innovation for a future-proof society.

What better month to talk about the future? This week, we welcome Rohit Talwar, Founder and CEO of Fast Future, to discuss his passion: harnessing new ideas and driving innovation to future-proof society. 

Rohit’s work at Fast Future specialises in the fields of future and foresight, delivering critical insights to help clients navigate disruption and understand the emerging landscape, so they can shape a better tomorrow.

“We’re seeing in all sorts of fields of science that AI is far outstripping our ability to do anything with it,” Rohit observes, as we dive into a piece from Nature on how AI and robotics help us expand our predictive capacities.

We move on to a piece by Bloomberg on the lack of transparency in algorithms affecting AI, and Rohit points out that “we have to push back on all capitalist thinking at the moment if we want true transparency and true participation in society.” 

Keen to gain his perspective on the constant and staggering advancement of Tech, we ask Rohit about a piece describing the opportunities this ‘Exponential Age‘ has to create real change. Why haven’t we fully realized the potential of current Tech? “The reason has nothing to do with the Tech; it has to do with choices we’ve made as a society,” Rohit responds.

The conversation finally moves into a more human space, as we learn about Rohit’s interest in creating a human future by putting people at the centre of his agenda. We also find out the evilest application of Tech he’s seen and his big prediction for the Tech for Good space this year and beyond.

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