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Catalysing Change with Ellie Hale from Catalyst

This week, we speak to Ellie Hale, Producer at Catalyst, about the potential for the social sector to drive the conversation around new forms of technology, reinventing lives, systems, and perspectives.

In this week’s episode, we welcome Ellie Hale, Producer at Catalyst, and discuss the potential of tech in re-inventing lives, systems, and perspectives.

Catalyst is a collective of digital agencies, funders, and charities who believe in the strength of good design and data to transform civil society, driving a systemic and societal change.

“Historically, tech platforms haven’t been driven by social principles,” Ellie explains. “They’ve been driven by profit, and that can often lead to very extractive practices and disempowering users.”

This leads neatly into a discussion on the need for a “good tech approach” to tech for good.

Ellie’s work involves bringing the social sector to a place where it can contribute and drive the conversation, creating opportunities to help define new forms of technology that are innovative by design.

Her passion is also fueled by the way charities and social organizations “focus on prioritising and optimising good, however they each define that.” Ellie believes tech can be an incredible force and power to achieve change provided it is designed well.

As we head home with our conversation, we find out what she thinks is the evilest application of tech, and get a glimpse into her dream tech product.

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