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AI and Poetry with Kieron Rennie from Building Bridges With Words

What you'll learn:

Kieron Rennie, Founder and Creative Consultant at Building Bridges With Words, opens up about poetry, AI, and the power of words.

This week, we welcome Kieron Rennie, Founder and Creative Consultant at Building Bridges With Words, and his passion for words and its ability to connect people. 

Kieron is a jack of all trades with his interests in marketing and love of poetry so he built a creative consultancy on the power of words. His obsession with language and etymology drives him to inspire clients to build bridges with words. 

As a Performance Poet, Kieron shares his perspective on a piece questioning AIs ability to write Authentic Poetry and how “ what it lacks is human experience to pick up the nuances” and “lacks the creative flair and creative soul.“

We discuss a piece on ChatGPT, the new AI tool marketers are going crazy about. where Kieron points out “it could help those that are neurodiverse or those who may struggle with language barriers and it could give them a better steer.”

Kieron thrills us with a live poetry performance with one of his own poems. Here’s a preview: “In blue flashing lights, I testify. I don’t cry. I just write. Poetry provides comfort during troubling times.” 

No AI tool has brought us those goosebumps yet; take our word for it.

We continue to dive into the many inspiring projects Kieron has been part of as well as his current endeavour as Creative in Residence of the English National Opera. We also discover his dream Tech product, his least favourite use of Tech (hint: grocery stores) and his big prediction for the Tech for Good space this year.

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