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Literal Humans Dog Illustration Literal Humans Dog Illustration

We are Literal Humans.

Our work is shaped by our values. Here’s how we define them:

  • Brave space: When people can be brave, they do their best work.
  • Trust: It’s the foundation of every great partnership.
  • Belonging: When we belong, we thrive.
  • Teach & Learn: Each one, teach one—as the saying goes.
  • Joy: A smile, a laugh, a creative spark with colleagues–it’s the good stuff of life.

We’re motivated by growth (ours and yours). Here’s how we achieve it:

  1. Results-focused: We don’t stop with content. We analyze and optimize our strategy every step of the way.
  2. Generalists + Specialists: A truly diverse talent network w/ custom-built teams for each client.
  3. Giving a damn: By working across tech for good + B2B SaaS + nonprofits/charities–we help you balance profit and purpose in your marketing.
  4. Beyond B2C & B2B: We embrace a human-to-human (H2H) approach to marketing that wins across verticals.
  5. Lean and Learning: We’re a hybrid agency (AKA freelance collective or deconstructed agency model). In short, we’re able to move faster and smarter by design.

We started this agency in June 2020 (yep, right in the middle of the pandemic). 


The writing was all over the wall…

  • We saw the ill-designed houses of cards many brands built come tumbling down. Marketing budgets were slashed.
  • We saw too many agencies built on 1-2 smart (usually/exclusively white) guys in a room cooking up “strategy” in a vacuum.
  • We saw some companies dig in their heels as crisis capitalists. Others pivoted towards human-to-human marketing.


The companies that took a helping stance won the loyalty of existing customers and attracted new ones. If we’re honest, some of them laid it on a bit thick.


People reimagined their relationship with stuff. They turned away from paid ads (although not entirely) and faceless companies going for the hard sell. 


In short, marketing changed. The ground beneath companies shifted. We saw the writing on the wall for what it was: a call to action.


So we built a new agency on a simple premise: When brands live their purpose and develop emotional, human connections with customers—they win. 


Our rainbow coalition of a team is intentionally designed to look like the diverse audiences you’re striving to reach. We’re all creative professionals with years of experience (in life and work).


We’re fully distributed and remote. We build custom creative marketing teams for each client—on demand.


Values-driven. Results-focused. Always learning.


We’re Literal Humans.

Literal Humans Cat Illustration Literal Humans Cat Illustration

Meet Our Team

Paul David Perry

Co-Founder & CEO


Prior to launching Literal Humans, Paul worked as a freelance writer and content strategist for a number of different tech brands, including Contentstack, Submittable, TransferWise, and Toptal. He also helped build a previous agency from $500K ARR to $1.5MM ARR in under two years by providing high-quality content strategy + execution across a range of clients and building internal agency systems. Before his career in content marketing, he worked in education and nonprofit management in the US.

William Gadsby Peet

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Will is a former journalist turned digital marketeer that specialises in all things content strategy and promotion. Away from work, he’s passionate about whisky, rugby, video games, reading, Marvel films and just generally being a bit of a nerd!

Anabelle Pang Headshot

Anabelle Pang

Creative Director & Partner


Anabelle is a multidisciplinary designer and art director based in New York City. Over 10 years in the industry, Anabelle has worked on a diverse range of projects including brand identities to exhibition experiences and non-profits. She wants to continue her career path in the Arts, Social Justice, and Tech spaces with mindful founders!

Derrick Sun Headshot

Derrick Sun

Creative Director & Partner


Derrick Sun is a Creative Director & Multidisciplinary Designer. He’s worked in the tech and marketing industries for the past 12 years, specializing in UX design, web design, branding, content marketing, and strategy. He’s passionate about travel, cooking, and, more importantly, eating.

Gigi Rodgers Headshot

Gigi Rodgers

Promo Specialist

United States

Kanacia James Headshot

Kanacia James



Kanacia was Upstate NY born and raised with a love for travel and indulging in all things creative.

Ross Long



Ross is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator based in London. He loves to create conceptual visual narratives across a broad range of different disciplines. Underpinned by observation, his practice captures stories of human endeavour, its friction with nature and the impact on the world in which we exist. When he isn’t drawing or designing, you will find him either playing some form of sport or searching for his next travelling adventure.

Noelina Rissman Headshot

Noelina Rissman

Content Writer


Studied journalist turned content marketer, Noelina helps brands show up as their authentic, human selves online… using content! Off the clock, you can usually find her out and about, soaking up some nature. Or ya know, curled up with a good book while downing bags of chifles (for the record, the thinly-cut, curly ones are the best).

Nina Pang

Developer & Digital Marketer


Nina is the co-founder of Junction43, a partner studio with Literal Humans. She’s a multidisciplinary creative with a skillset spanning web development, content creation, and digital marketing.

Mike Ortolano

Strategist & Content Writer


Mike is the co-founder of Junction43, a partner studio with Literal Humans. He’s a strategist, content writer, and copy editor for various domains including B2B software, venture capital, and luxury goods.

Tafadzwa Mrewa

Digital Marketing Strategist


Tafadzwa is a well-rounded strategist who has worked with various startups devising unique strategies with people at the core. His ability to nurture leads has led to sustained growth and brand loyalty. He enjoys reading about how the latest developments are shaping today’s world.

Brittany Eshelman

Content Writer


Brittany is a content writer and strategist with a passion for entrepreneurship and startups. She’s worked with small to midsize startups to craft stories that educate and inspire a variety of audiences. When she’s not writing, you’ll most likely see her rock climbing, traveling to a random city, or trying out the new restaurant that just opened.

Naume Guveya

Content Strategist & Writer


Naume is a content strategist and writer for B2B and B2C brands. She has helped various brands achieve sustainable growth through tailored content marketing strategies and high-converting content.

Victoria Peel Yates

Content Writer


Victoria is a freelance writer based in Barcelona, Spain. As a former humanitarian turned content writer, she writes about wellness, sustainability, and SaaS. She is passionate about helping impact-driven brands grow and change the world through quality content.

Dozie Anyaegbunam

Content Writer


Dozie is the co-founder of Not Enough Writers, a community of African content writers/marketers. He’s a social strategist, content writer, and has crafted compelling content for both B2B and B2C brands.

Helen Georgina

Content Writer


Based in Hampshire in the UK, Helen loves yoga, travel, and reading classic lit. When it comes to writing, her priority is making all kinds of information interesting and accessible to all!

Nicole Sifers

Content Writer


Nicole is a writer who splits her time between Denver, Colorado, and Lisbon, Portugal. Nicole has been a travel writer for the past six years, living all around Latin America and Europe, writing for clients in the tech, travel, real estate, and functional health industries. Her passions lie in creating content that tells a heart-centered story that sparks emotions and fosters human connection.

Eleanor Griffiths

Content Writer


Eleanor is a freelance content writer based in London. With a background in content for influencer marketing, she specialises in writing at the forefront of pop culture and emerging trends. When she isn’t writing you can find her watching live music at her favourite London venues.

Logan Mayville

Content Writer

Northern California

Logan is a writer and consultant focusing on SaaS and marketing. He works with B2B companies to help them achieve more traffic, leads, and industry recognition.

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