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Web3 & International Aid with Dr. Melyn McKay, Founder & CEO of Coala Pay

What you'll learn:

How can aid organisations balance innovation and responsibility? Paul and Will join Dr. Melyn McKay, Founder of Coala Pay, to discuss.

Blockchain technology’s decentralised nature offers transformative potential for international aid, yet adoption is hindered by trust, security, complexity, and regulatory challenges. Examples like UkraineDAO and UNHCR’s use of blockchain in Ukraine highlight Web3’s growing role in humanitarian efforts, despite concerns over the tech sector’s profit motives and risks to vulnerable communities. How can aid organisations balance innovation with responsibility? Dr. Melyn McKay’s Coala Pay seeks to navigate these waters, offering a fresh approach to aid delivery. Paul and Will join Melyn McKay to discuss blockchain’s impact on international aid in this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us.

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