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The Modern Healthtech Landscape with Charlotte Cramer

What you'll learn:

Charlotte Cramer talks to us about identity-focused healthtech startups and how she filmed a first-of-its-kind vegan sitcom.

Charlotte Cramer gets healthtech.

She and her team at Plastic Studio leverage their backgrounds in applied neuroscience and behavioural psychology to bring a human-centered and trauma-informed approach to user research and design in healthcare.

That’s why we brought her on the pod to discuss identity-focused healthtech startups (like Him & Hers and Folx), her work with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and how she filmed a show for plant-based eating that garnered over 1 million views.

We started off discussing healthtech headlines from Sifted such as Numan’s focus on addressing the stigma in men’s health as well as the lack of funding for research in women’s healthcare.

Less seriously, Charlotte nailed our infamous question about the evilest application of tech out there (hint: they just changed their company name but they don’t fool us!). More seriously, Charlotte shared some sobering examples of hospitals that use technology to deter undocumented people from accessing healthcare and other technologies leveraged against people of color.

Charlotte also leaned into the idea of human connection as a matter that tech can’t solve for us–but can tech enhance it?

Be sure to check out Charlotte’s book The Purpose Myth as it provides an interesting answer to our final question about balancing profit and purpose in tech for good.

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