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The Environmental Impact of Tech with Tom Greenwood

What you'll learn:

In this episode Tech Can't Save Us we sit down with Tom Greenwood from Wholegrain Digital to discuss the environmental impact of tech.

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of the websites you visit daily?

How about the carbon output of your Netflix queue?

Tom Greenwood sure has. He’s even written a book on issues like digital pollution, website efficiency, and sustainable web design.

We talked to Tom about his agency’s efforts to make web design and development a bit greener, as well as how he’s helping to raise awareness about how our digital activities are connected to climate change.

Tom introduced us to Jevons Paradox (look it up), a number of cool tech tools, as well as his insights about mission-driven businesses and charities. He has a lot to say about “greenwashing” in the tech world, so be sure to listen in!

Here’s where you can find Tom:

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