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Tech Can’t Save Us Episode 6: Ash Read, Head Of Content At Buffer

What you'll learn:

In this episode of Tech Can't Save Us we speak to Ash Read, Head of Content at Buffer.


In this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us, CEO and Co-Founder of Literal Humans Paul David talks to Ash Read, Head of Content at Buffer, a prominent social media management tool that helps users drive authentic engagement.

Ash and Paul discussed the growth of empathy on social media in light of recent events. They talk about monitoring and supporting the health of social media managers, an often overlooked group in tech. Ash shared a few features that are being worked on at Buffer to create a healthier social media ecosystem.

The discussion turned to the responsibilities of content marketers to deliver adequate context within the content they produce (e.g. moving away from “hustle porn”). Ash is a huge advocate of Notion as a productivity tool. He believes that tech can’t solve the core problem of greed in society and that advertising technology can be quite problematic. Lastly, don’t forget kids, “cash is energy”… put it to good use!

Here’s where to find Buffer:
And where to find Ash: @Ashread_
And Ash’s side project:


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