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Tech Can’t Save Us Episode 2: Carmela Resuma, Executive Director Of FLYTE

What you'll learn:

In the second episode of Tech Can't Save Us, Paul David talks to Carmela Resume from FLYTE.


In the second episode of Tech Can’t Save Us Paul David, the Co-Founder and CEO of Literal Humans, talks to Carmela Resume from FLYTE who calls in from Hawaii.

Carmela is the Executive Director of FLYTE, a non-profit organisation which empowers youth through travel by working with young people from underserved communities across the United States to give them the opportunity to go abroad, in many cases for the first time.

Carmela talks about how tech helps FLYTE students to create deeper connections with the people and culture they are visiting abroad, and how tech helps them to continue connecting once the trip has finished. She also talks about economies that depend on tourism have been affected by the pandemic and how these economies must look to expand in to different areas in order to be sustainable in the future.

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