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Digital Rights & Data Privacy with Arda & Savena from Identity 2.0

In this episode of the Tech Can't Save Us podcast we sit down with the team from Identity 2.0 to discuss digital rights.

What are “digital rights” and how do we secure them in our modern era? Arda Awais and Savena Surana are at the forefront of answering this critical question through their organization Identity 2.0, a creative studio working at the intersection of digital rights, technology, and identity.

In this episode, we discuss their efforts to use provocative and progressive art exhibits to push forward conversations about data privacy and digital human rights.

Identity 2.0 poses and seeks to answer difficult questions such as: Why does participating in online communities require us to sacrifice our privacy? Arda and Savena believe that digital communities have a duty to their users to make them feel safe. They’re using cutting edge artistic techniques, building community, and facilitating collective action to ensure it happens.

You can find Arda & Savena (Identity 2.0) here:

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