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Case Study

Million Dollar Strategy: Leveraging PPC & SEO to Drive $1.1 Million in ARR for Remofirst

by William Gadsby Peet, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Case Study Highlights

SEO-led content marketing combined with Google Ads is a potent revenue driver. Learn how we helped HR tech startup Remofirst execute a 360° PPC & SEO strategy that has driven over $1 million – and counting! – in annual recurring revenue.

$1.1 Million

Driven in ARR


Increase in Clicks


Organic Keywords

The Problem

A challenger brand in a competitive sector

HR tech companies are in huge demand right now — particularly employer of record, or EOR, providers, which enable businesses to hire and manage global talent anywhere in the world.

According to Crunchbase, there are 32 HR tech unicorns — including former Literal Humans client, Oyster HR — and many, like Remote, Multiplier, and Deel, have high brand awareness in the employer of record market.

It was in this context that Remofirst, a plucky challenger that offers EOR services at much more affordable rates than its big-name competitors, emerged as a disrupter in the EOR sector.

In early 2023, Remofirst faced a conundrum: how to prove its value and grow its reputation in such a crowded space while driving more traffic, leads, and conversions. 

To make matters worse, Remofirst had received bad PPC advice from a Google rep that was burning money without results and driving almost no conversions.

The company needed help designing and implementing a marketing strategy that would enable it to compete with EOR giants like Remote — and it turned to Literal Humans for help.

Our Work

SEO content + Google Ads = A winning content marketing strategy

HR tech marketing is one of Literal Humans’ specialist verticals. Not only did we help Oyster grow from soonicorn to unicorn, but as a remote company with an international team that relies on EOR services, we also have a deep understanding of the target audience. 

We even switched our EOR provider from Remote to Remofirst during the engagement, so we’re familiar with the pain points, thought processes, and deciding factors that can push clients towards a new provider. 

Armed with this knowledge, we applied it to the Remofirst content strategy, which consisted of two separate but complementary platforms and approaches: SEO content marketing and Google Ads. 

SEO content strategy

Our SEO strategy focused on helping Remofirst enter and disrupt the EOR market, and one of the easiest ways to do this was to position it as an alternative to its competitors.

For instance, people search for ‘Remote alternatives’ every day because of its brand awareness and large customer base, many of whom are potential clients shopping around for options and unsatisfied Remote customers who want to switch. 

To target both groups of users, we created SEO-optimized blog posts for topics like:

Since Remofirst’s main ICPs are employers looking for solutions for hiring people in other countries, we created country-specific clusters containing guides on topics such as benefits, payroll, and parental leave for countries with high search volume like India, Mexico, the US, and Canada. 

We complemented these text-heavy blog posts with visual, highly shareable content that’s more likely to do the rounds on social media or gain backlinks from other websites, like this cool infographic about maternity leave around the world.

However, we also knew from experience that digital nomads and potential employees often influence employers in their decisions to hire an EOR provider, as this was exactly what happened when LH hired a team member based in Spain. 

Therefore, we decided to produce some more fun and engaging country-specific content that would provide value for this audience while raising Remofirst’s brand awareness, such as:

Google Ads strategy

A well-executed SEO content strategy will drive results on its own — the only catch is that they can take three up to six months to materialize.

However, Remofirst didn’t have that kind of time to play with — they needed new leads and conversions fast

Fortunately, we had a solution: by combining the medium-term SEO play with Google Ads, we would achieve quick wins and start generating new traffic and leads for Remofirst straight away. 

Some of the earliest campaigns were classic Google Ads plays, such as the ‘US EOR’ campaign targeting people in the US who are searching for an EOR that sends them straight to the Remofirst homepage. 

We combined this with a more targeted strategy to promote the content we were publishing over on the Remofirst blog that positions the company as a challenger brand, promoting pieces such as ‘Switching EOR Service Providers,’ ‘What is Global Payroll’ and ‘Remote vs Remofirst’ — which have all driven great conversions. 

The Results

$1.1 Million ARR

Overall, our work for Remofirst has added over a million dollars in ARR (annual recurring revenue) to the company’s business model. 

Since we started working together, Remofirst has landed dozens of high-value deals. As an EOR, the minimum deal size is around £500/month, and normally much higher because companies have multiple employees they are looking to hire and tend to scale up as they grow.

To date, Remofirst’s direct return on investment in our engagement stands at over $1.1 million, and will be much more in real terms, as many businesses will stay with the same EOR for several years and refer them to their networks. 

Let’s take a look at some of the content wins that helped achieve these results. 

SEO results

Clicks: +736%

Between January 2023 and January 2024, the number of clicks on the Remofirst website grew by 736%. This increase is particularly noticeable after our content strategy kicked in towards the end of Q2 2023.

Impressions: +1,300%

In the same time period, we helped Remofirst grow the number of search ad impressions by an astounding 1,300% — a figure that testifies to the effectiveness of combining a focused SEO strategy with targeted Google Ad campaigns.

Sessions per Landing Page: +117%

Some of the most heavy-lifting pieces driving these results include content that is directly relevant and valuable to Remofirst’s ICPs, which include both employers and remote workers:

Google Ads results

Remofirst’s old strategy was filling Google’s coffers but not bringing any new business through the door. With the help of the LH team, Remofirst achieved such a significant ROI that the company increased its Google Ads budget from $10k to $75k a month, helping to drive thousands of contacts and market-qualified leads (MQLs) into their customer relationship management system. 

The Results

Conquer the world of HR Tech with Literal Humans

Like the customers you serve, your HR tech brand needs a marketing solution that transcends borders and speaks your audience’s language. 

But why partner with Literal Humans? 

Because we don’t just understand the market — we’re part of it. Our firsthand experience with EOR services, both as an agency partner and a client, enables us to empathize with your clients and craft content that resonates with them. 

We know that every HR tech brand has its own story, challenges, and goals and create bespoke 360-degree marketing solutions tailored to your needs, adapting and evolving our strategies as your business grows.

Ready to go on a marketing journey that will help you conquer the world? 

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